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The Invisible Woman

Dir: Ralph Fiennes

‘Perhaps the most beautiful film of the year’ Film Journal International

‘Cinematographer Rob Hardy captures the elegance of the period with warm colors that make virtually every shot worthy of  postcard treatment’ Indiewire

‘Fiennes and ace cinematographer Rob Hardy go to great lengths to let the movie breathe visually, often shooting with a lucidly handheld camera and lighting that impeccably captures the oil-lamp interiors of the period’ Variety

‘Fiennes is on top of every aspect of this film, which benefits from agile and eye-catching cinematography by Robert Hardy’ Hollywood Reporter

‘…superb work on the parts of many contributors including cinematographer Rob Hardy’ Roger Ebert

‘But the final triumph belongs to Rob Hardy, whose cinematography absolutely glows. In one scene, especially, at the racetrack, the photography is so brilliant and sharp that it almost hurts your eyes to watch it.’ Santa Monica Daily Press

‘Variety critics pick their Oscar nominees… Best Cinematography – Rob Hardy – The Invisible Woman’ Variety

The story of author Charles Dickens' secret mistress.